Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Byrd Park, Richmond
Media Group Picnic

It was an afternoon of fun after weeks of hard work and deadlines. The media group gathered for a cookout and games. Left to right: Scott and Shawn beat Don and Gunther across the line in the three-legged race.

Eloise, second from right, reacts to a gift given in honor of her starring role in the popular PSA "Eloise, the Rappin' Grandma." The series ended recently after 10 years. The gift was given to her by Ricky, right, producer of the series.

Roy and Greg lead their team to a sweeping win in the tug-of-war.

Leslie concentrates on the egg toss.
By guest blogger Modibo Jalo

Who is this man? Craig disappears beneath several layers of cream pies tossed in a contest by media types given a chance at revenge on their directors.
By guest blogger Mobido Jalo


Harper and Lindsey share secrets as only infants can at Cambridge church. i think they were talking about 401Ks and on-line investing.

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