Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday, May 21

Amy, left, and Angela, right, celebrate the outcome of a game at the cinema in Denver's Cherry Creek Mall. The two were so good they kept winning extra games.

Geese appear to flutter from the sky and land in a fountain in the sculpture at the Cherry Creek Mall in Denver.

The fountain viewed from above. It probably doesn't deserve another image, but I love this sculpture.

Ragan, left, examines a plastic parrot at La Mariposa restaurant on Quebec Drive in Denver while her father Phil holds her. The two are regulars at the popular Mexican restaurant. It is built on land once part of a runway at Stapleton Airport. The airfield closed in 2001 when Denver's new international airport opened, which in turn left the old airport open for development.

Wednesday, May 20
I was on assignment until the wee hours of the morning today and unable to post yesterday.

Johnny Hunt, a popular speaker from the Atlanta area, addresses the board of trustees of a non-profit meeting in Denver. Because of the current economic situation, the board has just cut the number of personnel their organization will send overseas to do community development, humanitarian aid, hunger relief, and medical projects.

The decision was very emotional. When the chairman of the board called for the vote he said, "With broken hearts, all in favor of this motion signify by saying aye."

Trustees and guests gather to pray for the global economy and the future of their organization.

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