Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm not telling whether Bob is really that big or the facilities that small. Let's just say he feels like a giant in the land of the dwarfs and decides this is not the place for him. There has to be to larger opportunities elsewhere.

Jacob and his brother Brian, left to right, enjoy frozen custard from Goodberry's. This is no ordinary custard. This is your Midwestern, loaded with fat, creamy delicious custard usually found in places like Minneapolis and Des Moines, not North Carolina.

It is surreal. Bob and I are having a small day. The seats are scaled too small everywhere we want to sit. Terri and Mike, left to right, fold themselves without too much difficulty at Goodberry's to enjoy custard with their sons.

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Neisha said... the one of makes me laugh...and now i really want to sit on miniature chairs with deliciously fattening ice cream in hand. :)