Sunday, May 31, 2009


When Chad, left, asked children at Cambridge church for a show of hands if they had ever forgotten anything, he got a more of a response than he anticipated. Hands flew up from adults all over the congregation.

Mike leads Cambridge church in worship.

Owen joins Cambridge church this morning. Pastor Jay Smith introduces the seven-year-old to the congregation as Owen's parents, Sunday school teacher and deacon look on.

Members of the church welcome Owen into the fellowship of the church.

A new use for a baby carriage was noted this morning. Carriers have always been purveyors of something precious. But bagels ....?

Aubrey with her mother Anna. It was in Aubrey's carriage that the bagels were found. Her father maintains his concern was for the ears of those around them, not to cradle the bagels. She hates being strapped in the carriage. He says it is better for all concerned to carry her and let the bagels ride.

Jason stylin' this morning — the girls gathered around him, and the photographer, are reflected in sunglasses.

Short Pump

Clouds sail by Short Pump this afternoon.

Hibiscus in bloom outside Whole Foods in Short Pump. When we lived in Georgia, we planted them along one end of our house where they bloomed the entire summer.

Sarah in a new scarf. She has been working at the Daily Grind while in high school. Sarah will graduate in a few days, then head for New York University at the end of the summer to study music business.

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