Friday, May 01, 2009

Max in his room working on a rubik's cube. The solution is yet beyond us, but we will find a way.

Guinness — named for his black and tan coloring — is one of the Dixon dogs. He has been a part of the family for 15 years, long before Max was born. When I saw him at Christmas I wondered if it would be for the last time. But he's is doing better, a little stiff yet still active and curious about things around him. Here he is more interested in my leaving him to his nap than anything.

Carolyn and I met at "Bronte, a Novel Bistro," in the Davis-Kidd Bookstore. She is a photographer who uses medium format cameras and recently returned from India.

The osage orange growing in the side yard of Shannon and Brian's home is stunning. The trunk at chest height must be 10 feet in circumference. I would love to know how old it is.

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