Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Daily Grind

Deep in the flower bed at the Daily Grind Samantha waits for Sam to arrive this morning. We wonder whether or not she has a nest nearby. We are torn, wondering if by feeding this winsome creature she will become habituated to human beings. It's better that she remain a bit wary.

Short Pump Farmer's Market

A frame of bees draws attention to Alfredo Neuman's sale table at our new Farmer's Market in Short Pump. The beekeeper raises bees and harvests honey in nearby Manakin-Sabot.

It takes 60,000 worker bees 950,000 trips between flowers and hive to produce one pound of raw honey. One bee will produce a thimble full of honey in its lifetime.

Charles Reed loves to sculpt. The artist's sculptures are found all about Richmond. But it is the small, popular wooden utensils he fashions by hand from Cherry and Walnut that pay the bills. 

Lebanese Festival

Each May, St. Anthony's Maronite Catholic Church holds a Lebanese Food Festival. For three days food, wine, dance and singing draws hundreds to the Short Pump church. Feris, above, waits to sample some of the fare that is offered.

Alison waits with her food for others of her family to join her.

Wine bottles reflect a moment of sun this afternoon. It was a sky filled with clouds most of the day. Rain threatened, but fortunately held off.

Feris corrals a bouncing ball.

Two young dancers peer out at the audience after their performance at the Festival.

Young people dance across the stage ...

... their feet clapping across the worn and weathered boards of the performance pavillion.

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