Sunday, June 07, 2009

Cambridge Church

It is the weekend we honor our secondary, university and advanced studies graduates at Cambridge church. The young adult praise team — all university, or soon to be, students — leads the service ...

...filling the sanctuary with sound, poetry and motion.*

Matthew awaits the children's sermon with anticipation. There is often something unusual and unexpected during this part of the service. He is not disappointed as ...*

... youth and young adult pastor Win Davis asks Steven to help by reading from Oh the Places You'll go by Dr. Seuss, a perfect passage for those leaving school and about to embark on new journeys.*

Shawn offers the invocation. He has had plenty of practice lately as he's been losing regularly at a silly game we play. The loser has to pray for the food we are about to eat.*

Members of he church file past the new graduates, offering a blessing, wishing them well.

Meg is touched when people who have known her all her life wish her the best. She has just completed a graduate degree that could lead her far from here.

Garvey Young closes the service with a solo.

Short Pump
Spring Arbor

I don't want this to be an extended, visual melodrama. However, the last days of a loved one are special. Margaret may know little of what is transpiring, but her daughters Sherry, left and below*, and Dianne, right, spend time with their mother.

Renewal of Vows

Jason Owen, above, awaits the start of the ceremony where he will renew his vows with his wife Karla on the the 15th anniversary of their wedding.

Karla strikes a pose for the camera while waiting for guests to arrive.

Steven, left, and Christopher, right, prepare to escort their mother down the aisle.*

There Karla joins Jason and stands before Pastor Jay Smith in the sanctuary of Cambridge church.*

It is an intimate gathering of family and friends that witness the renewal of their vows.

Karla listens as Jason repeats his vows ...*

... and Jason does the same while Karla repeats hers.*

They once again exchange rings.*

Steven with his sister Lindsey in his arms leads the procession out of the sanctuary.

Around the neighborhood

Tobie being himself ...*

... and Shawn imitating Tobie.

Tiger lilies grace the yard of our neighbor on Copperas Creek.*

A fellow traveler in the back of a pickup truck on Pouncey Track Road.*

* Images taken with a Canon EOS-1D Mark III.
 All others taken with a Canon 5D Mark II.


Aaron said...

Most of the time, telling a professor you would be missing class would draw their ire and condemnation. In 2004, I traveled with the UR basketball team to Milwaukee for the NCAA tournament and had to tell Jason I would miss his class for a few days. His eyes lit up with excitement, and we talked for a few minutes about our travel plans. One of the top notch profs I had at UR. Congrats to him and his wife!

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Very Good picture u have