Saturday, June 13, 2009

Short Pump, Virginia

Saturday Breakfast Club
Daily Grind

Paul Steinberg brought his latest painting in for everyone to see. He took off and expanded upon from a photograph of mine of Shawn walking Sadie along a lake in Deep Run Park last October. His art goes well beyond the literalness of my image.

Paul sets his easel up outside the Daily Grind as the breakfast club begins to gather. It is an informal gathering each Saturday that ebbs and flows with the activities of those who attend and the addition of others who come for the first time and may or may not become regulars.

Sadie siddles up to Sam, one of her favorite people. The morning had a very European coffee shop feel to it with seven dogs in attendance at one point.

Grayson meets Sadie for the first time. Grayson is not the least bitintimidated by her ... and Sadie loves children.

Paul moves inside with the heat of the day. If only he had a better subject for his portrait ....

Jenine delivers a comment far beyond her years. I don't remember what she said, but it tickles her brother Feris.

Paul was not the only one to bring a painting to show. His daughter, Alonya, brought a portrait she did of Jenine and Alison.

Copperas Creek

Tobie and Sadie enjoy a moment in the sun. When we have company coming the office converts into a second guest room.

Shawn's graduation party
Daily Grind

Shawn Jarrar, standing behind his father Sam, graduated from high school last night. This evening there is a graduation party for him. The Daily Grind will be filled with the smells of wonderful food and the sounds of Richmond musical legend Harry Gore.

Shawn is an accomplished musician and plans to major in music at college.

Alyona Steinberg did a pencil drawing of Shawn as a graduation present.

Alyona is also a master of blowing bubbles.

The highlight of the evening was Shawn playing with Harry Gore.

Harry and Shawn work out an arrangement of a song together. Musicians amaze me. How they can work out a song they have never played together in a matter of minutes, then present it with clarity and expression moments later is beyond me.

Harry and Shawn in the midst of Meant to Live by Switchfoot ...

... it obviously goes well.
All photos taken with a Leica M8.

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CuthAllgood said...


I love the shot of Greyson & Sadie - priceless... It was great meeting you and hopefully we will see you there again soon.