Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Short Pump
Democratic Primary

Turnout was low for the Democratic primary this morning. Charlie Fagan, a worker at Ridgefield Precinct 412 in the Columbian Center on Pump Road, demonstrates the electronic voting machine in the near empty polling place. Only 54 people had voted by 10:30 a.m.

I was surprised to find Alyona in the Daily Grind this morning. It is exam week and she only has to be in school on days she has tests. She has two on Thursday and will be finished for the summer. She is fast becoming my personal portrait photographer. The past two photos I have used for my profile were taken by her.


Jim Riddell and I grabbed a quick lunch together at SuCasa, a favorite hangout of ours in the near West End. The food is excellent, the service fast and the atmosphere friendly.

Short Pump
Spring Arbor

Dianne and her sister Sherry, above, are spending tonight with Margaret, their mother, Margaret is in her final days. This evening she is having long periods of apnea. Her blood pressure is down and heart rate up.
The television reflected in Dianne's eyes reminds me of the Jawas in Star Wars. If only she had a hood to throw over her head ....
All images taken with a Leica M8.

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