Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Short Pump, Virginia

June hasn't been a best of months for me ... or Edna. First her dog died, then she had some dental problems. Add to them the daily annoyances of life and the mix results in a less than stellar month. We both look forward to July.

Another evening spent on the great purse hunt. Dianne suspects there is a perfect bag for the season out there... somewhere. But we didn't find it tonight ... or on other nights this month. I suspect we will try again. This whole exercise is uncomfortably ... hauntingly ... familiar. Photographers spend their entire careers buying camera bag after camera bag ... filling closets, their lives spilling over with them ... seeking the perfect one in which to sling their gear.

Shadows play across the early evening walkways of Short Pump Town Center.


Stanley Leary said...

Have you shown Diane your bag collection. I am sure there is one that might work for this season ;-)

Wahokia said...

She is very familiar with my bag collection. Some years ago she made the pronouncement that for every new bag that comes in the house, an old one must go out.