Saturday, June 20, 2009

Short Pump & Richmond, Virginia
Short Pump

Sadie gives Jenine an ear snuffle. It's the highest honor our Yellow-Lab mix offers. Only special people are accorded one. It is executed by inserting her pink nose into an ear and sniffing deeply and rapidly.

Toby —I've recently been informed that I've been misspelling Toby's name on this blog — and Jenine share secrets on the patio outside the Daily Grind.

A water hyacinth is in bloom in the Koi pond at Short Pump Mall. It is a hot day with temperatures promising to climb into 90s. Most of the Koi are hiding beneath the hyacinths.

It is a busy day at the mall. Most of the stores are busy — the Apple Store was almost impossible to get into. In spite of the temperature the mall train is full every run.

Koi spotting at the mall pond is a favorite activity for the young.

Dianne, left, and Miriam, right, work on configuring Dianne's new personal computer at the Daily Grind.

Dianne, left, takes a break to play a game of "Double-Double" with Jenine, right, while Charlotte, center, observes.


Jenine, left, organizes a spontaneous game of "Bill-Bill" in the parking lot outside SuCasa. She enlists, left to right, her mother Alison and brothers Ferris and Shawn to play with her.

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