Friday, June 05, 2009

Spring Arbor*

Dianne's mother, Margaret, is in her final days. She is quietly slipping from us. There are times she seems to see what we cannot. There is great mystery in birth and death, two portals each must pass through, common experiences filled with known and unknowing.

My grandniece Angel in my hat during a visit to her great-grandmother Margaret loves being photographed.

"Take my picture now," Angel says as she hugs her grandmother, Dianne's sister Sherry.

Daily Grind**

Concert night again at the Daily Grind and one of the local favorites, Donald Coles, plays a wide range of music.

Donald fills the the Grind every time he performs.

Shawn — working the kitchen tonight — reacts when a camera is pointed in his direction.

*  Images taken with a Leica M8.                      
** Images taken with a Canon EOS-1D Mark III.


humanobserver said...

each and every photo tells a different story :) Sir, I am gald that you liked my nephew's photo. I have also clicked many images of him.

alyona Steinberg said...

Great time at DG great pictures