Friday, June 26, 2009

Short Pump & West Point, Virginia

Short Pump
Copperas Creek

There is a gymnastics display along Copperas Creek this morning. Two of our front yard residents perform on the squirrel feeders. We didn't set them out as squirrel feeders, but that's what they've become.

West Point

Courtney is amazing. She loads a large tray with drinks and platters again and again, flitting from table to table with her heavy loads at Anthony George's Seafood Restaurant in West Point. The dining rooms are crowded as customers today. They are getting one more meal in before the popular restaurant closes for a month. The family spends every July in Greece.

Ken Touchton and I meet in West Point for lunch. He opens the hood of his Suburban to show me the nest birds have built under the hood next to the firewall beneath the hinge. The nest was built while the Touchtons were traveling and the car was parked for two weeks. Ken didn't discover it until getting an oil change.

Inside are five small eggs. The parents had to fly through the grill and over the engine to reach them.

Short Pump

Sam at the end of a hard day at the Daily Grind taking a break from trying to sync a new phone with his calendars.

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