Saturday, June 06, 2009

Daily Grind

Sadie joins the breakfast club at the Daily Grind this morning, hoping that part of each plate coming out of the kitchen onto the patio would be hers.

Paul, right, enters into a lively discussion with Sam, owner of the Daily Grind, left, on the differences between modern and representational art. Paul exhibits his paintings at the coffee shop/cafe and is in process of taking his art to the next level.
When Sadie fails to cage food from those gathered this morning, she leaps into Dianne's lap and sits on her chest.

Spring Arbor

Margaret greets visitors in her room at Spring Arbor. She sat up for a while this morning when wheeled into the Cafe dining room, but soon had to return to her room and oxygen cannula.

Throughout the day when visitors arrived Margaret would grace them with a smile. We're uncertain how much she is aware of who is visiting her. We no longer ask her who we are, just tell her.

Dianne says goodnight  to her mother at the end of the day.

The light playing across Alison and Sam, left and right, at Fuson Pizza reminds me of an Edward Hopper painting. 

*All images taken with a Leica M8.

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