Friday, June 12, 2009

Daily Grind

Cindy — one of the regulars at the Daily Grind — spends an afternoon reading with her grandson Jett.

Spring Arbor

Jenine is shooting up. Suddenly her legs are so long. Today was her last day of school for the year. When school opens in the fall, she will be in the second grade.

Daily Grind

Stephani, center, tries to fend off cards in her disfavor in a game of "Capitalist" with Lisa, foreground, Jerry, right, and Andrea, not pictured. The foursome are surprisingly competitive. Stephani tells me I should see the rest of their families.

Copperas Creek

The sky is beautiful this afternoon with passing clouds sailing south for North Carolina ...

... alternately revealing and covering a cobalt blue we rarely see except in Winter.

A fledgling Robin peruses a lawn along Copperas Creek.
All photos taken with a Leica M8.

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